Once you have your categories set up and configured, it's time to start adding roles to them.

Add a Role to a Category

To add a role to a category, you need a category created, a role to add, and an emoji to represent that role.
Custom emoji's can be used
/config role add
This command has 2 required arguments and 2 optional arguments to add a role.
  • Role: A mention of the role you wish to make self-assignable.
  • Category: The (case sensitive) name of the category you wish to add the role to.
  • Emoji: An emoji to represent the role, will be shown beside the role in the dropdown.
  • Description: A description of the role that will be displayed below the name in the dropdown.

Remove a role from a Category

/config role remove
You will need to provide 2 required arguments to remove a role.
  • Role: A mention of the role you wish to remove.
  • Category: The category you wish to remove it from.