To get started building your reaction role menus, you'll need to add some categories. You'll also want to have a dedicated channel to put the categories in. Role selection in Reaction is static, so it's designed to have a channel with a few messages where users can navigate to that channel and select the roles they want.

Create a Category

Adding categories can be done with a simple command:

/config category create

This command has a few required options that you MUST specify when creating the category.

  • Name: A name for the category, this will show up in the embed title for the category and will be used to reference it later. The category name must be unique for your server.

  • Description: A helpful description for users in your server to tell them what the category is for.

  • Channel: The channel the category should live in. These role categories are designed to be static, so it is best to use a dedicated channel for them to live in.

  • Type: The category type, will determine the behavior of the category.

Category Types

Note: Temporary categories are currently unimplemented. Selecting them will result in them behaving like Normal categories.

  • Normal: Users will be allowed to select any number of roles from this category.

  • Unique: Users will only be allowed to select a single role from this category.

  • Permanent: Roles from this category can be added, but not removed later unless a staff member with the Manage Roles Discord permission manually removes them.

  • Remove: Roles in this category will only be able to be removed, not added. Useful for roles you assign users when they join but want them to opt-out of later.

  • Temporary: Behaves like a normal category, except roles will be removed automatically after the number of minutes specified by expiration. Expiration must be set if you select this category type.

Customize your Category

While creating your category, you have a few customization options to include.

  • Banner: A URL for an image to display with the category

  • Required Role: A role that a user must already possess to obtain roles from the category.

  • Color: The color for the category description embed.

  • Expiration: (For temporary categories only), the amount of time in minutes before roles assigned from this category are automatically removed.

  • Buttons: Allows you to set a category to use buttons instead of the default select menu.

List Categories

If you need to see a list of the categories, you can do that easily

/config category list

Removing a Category

You can remove a category, but doing so will remove all configured roles as well. The roles will stay in your server, but you will need to reassign them to a category. This command takes a single category name argument. The name must match the name you set when creating it, it is case sensitive.

/config category delete

Syncing a Category

Due to Reaction not relying on a constant connection to Discord, role deletions and name changes are not instantly picked up by the bot. If you delete a role or update a role's name, you can force Reaction to update the select menu for that category without modifying the category by using the sync command.

/config category sync

Updating Categories

We offer a few commands to update categories as well. You can find all of these by typing

/config category update-

These update commands also allow you to customize the embed a bit more by adding an author, footer, and thumbnail to the embed.

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